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To ensure the best possible print outcome, please follow these guidelines. For more detailed information concerning your specific job, please contact us directly, and our staff will help direct you.

Preferred File Formats

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • PDF (without password protection)

Please Note: Most file types and versions are accepted. However, please check ahead with your customer service representative when using older versions.

Artwork Development Settings

  • Set all files to final trim size, (8.5 x 11, 6 x 9, not centered on a larger sheet)
  • Set bleeds at 1/8” (.125”). A document has bleeds when the content has been extended past the trim edge of the document.
  • If an element is not bleeding, keep a margin of 1/8” to the trim or fold.
  • PDFs should be saved without password protection or lock. All files must be editable.
  • Avoid using type smaller than 4pt, and reverse type smaller than 6pt.
  • Avoid line rule smaller than 0.5 pt. and reverse line rule smaller than 1pt.


  • Ensure black text is black, not 4 color process.
  • Avoid building small type out of 4 color process.
  • Rich Black can be built as (30-Cyan, 30-Magenta, 30-Yellow, 100-Black).
  • Convert all RGB images and graphics to CMYK process.
  • Convert all spot Pantone (PMS) colors to process unless you are printing with spot color.
  • Do not use images in RGB, LAB, or Indexed color. These modes do not convert to CMYK reliably and will have potential color variation.

Images and Graphics

  • RGB Photoshop images should be converted to CMYK.
  • High-resolution images are at least 300 dpi at 100% size. (72 dpi is considered low resolution)


  • Send fonts used in vector images or convert fonts to outlines before finalizing the document.
  • Always compress or “zip” (using applications like Stuffit, etc.) fonts and files when sending them viae-mail or FTP (file transfer protocol).
  • Always package fonts with files and links.

Submitting Your Artwork

  • If submitting native file format, please include: a directory file, all images and graphics (even if embedded), all fonts used (including those in placed graphics).
  • A hard copy of all pages submitted is greatly appreciated. (If you are submitting your artwork via FTP, please email a PDF to your BPSG representative.)
  • Emailing for smaller file submissions is fine. Avoid email submissions of 10mb or larger.
  • FTP can be used for any size compressed file. You will need to contact your BPSG representative for access to the FTP.
  • We welcome the use of third-party file posting such as Hightail, DropBox, and the client’s own FTP.