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    Smiling Hara

    Smiling Hara came to us to update the packaging for their Hempeh Cartons. They were looking for cartons that could maintain color consistency throughout all their product lines. 

    It was essential that the paper be able to withstand being frozen or wet so it could be placed in produce sections and in freezers. The die-cut window allows easy viewing of their product in stores.

    Darë Vegan Cheese

    In 2022 we worked with Darë Vegan Cheese to create cartons for their cheese wedges. Their previous packaging was plastic wrap topped with a label. By moving to a carton, they could achieve their goals of increasing their shelf visibility while upgrading their branding.

    Earthy Select

    Earthy Select came to us to update the packaging for their CBD gummies. They were originally using glass jars, which led to higher shipping prices and breakage and restricted the amount of product that could be sold per unit.

    We worked with them to transition their glass jars to pouches. The result was packaging that allowed more flexibility with their gummy product lines and drastically reduced the shipping price—furthermore, moving to pouches eliminated breakage. The pouches were also more user-friendly and were designed with child-resistant zippers for added safety.

    Red Fiddle Vittles

    We had the pleasure of working with Red Fiddle Vittles to upgrade their food product packaging. They wanted a butcher paper look that was more professional and incorporated their branding. 

    Our design team worked with them to transition from generic cartons with labels to custom cartons complete with a dye cut fiddle that matched their logo precisely. The finished product is elegant in its simplicity and has fantastic shelf appeal.