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You'll want to pay attention to the complexity involved in color and how big of a difference various color profiles can make on your print project. Is there a specific shade of orange or blue that is included in your logo? Depending on who created your logo, your color scheme may include CMYK colors, PMS colors, or both!

Packaging is all around us. Every day we walk into grocery stores, pharmacies, and the local 7-11 and are instantly bombarded with a barrage of marketing and advertising. If you are an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to figure out how to market your product so that it stands out. It can be challenging to know what makes someone pick up that particular bottle of lotion and place it in their cart when three others just like it sit on the shelf. A straightforward reason might be that one comes in a carton, and the others don’t. Keep reading to learn three reasons you should use cartons for your product packaging.

In an age of email, social media, and big data, marketers have many choices for engaging their customers and prospects. By leveraging multiple channels and consistent messaging across all of your marketing touch-points, you’ll quickly be able to see why direct mail is one of the most impactful channels you have at your disposal.

Although many might say they believe in the power of direct mail, a common question that often arises is, “How can I make my direct mail marketing piece effective?”

Marketing a resort these days is a complex art. There are your social media platforms to consider, your website to keep updated, and traditional outreach to the broader community to conduct, whether on a local, regional, or national level – the list is long! Figuring out where your printed media falls into this new world can be tricky. This article will give you four ways print can successfully support your hotel’s marketing efforts.