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Behind the Scenes at BP Solutions Group, Featuring Blue

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Video Transcript:

Oh, hey there! My name's Blue I'm ready for another wagtastic day at work. Care to join me on this awesome adventure?

I'm the proud mascot here at BP Solutions Group - they say I'm the “top dog” around here now come on inside, and I'll be your furry guide through every nook and cranny.

The humans here are experts in commercial printing and custom packaging. They make all sorts of cool stuff. Now, let's wag our way downstairs, where the magic begins.

Let's go over here and visit Amy. She’s part of our creative team. Every good job starts with a designer. Let's see what she's got. Oh, look at these awesome cartons she's designed! Look, Amy's starting work on an awesome new box.

Oh, these Direct Mail pieces are ready to be sniffed and taken to the post office from our Mail Department.

Here we have some labels that are fresh off of our label press.

This is Patsy. I love hanging with her. She runs our digital equipment.

Over here is Ryan doing his magic on the label press where the labels fly off faster than a squirrel chasing its tail.

Now I'm going to take you to the heart of the action - these cartons are hot off the press.

Do you see this giant Contraption? It brings colors to life. It's a marvelous printing press. Each one of these big cylinders has a different color of ink, Isn't that cool?

Let's keep our tails wagging as we explore more of this Wonderland. On this side of the plant, we have all of our printing equipment like the big press you saw earlier.

As we make our way around and head over to the bindery side where the magic happens, folding, gluing, stitching, and trimming, oh my. So many cool things happen in this place!

Smell that? Golf scorecards, fresh off the press. They're ready to be fetched by eager golfers

Let me just hop up here for a moment -  ah more treats! They're shrink-wrapping that product and getting it ready to go out.

Now we've made our way to the office where something magical happens every day - cookie time! Meet Brandy, the head of our fulfillment Department. She also gives the best cookies, paws down!

Let me introduce you to some other amazing folks that work up here. Meet Charles - he's ahead of our customer service department. He's the belly rub master and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our beloved customers. Here they are meeting to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Now we're heading down the long hallway where the salespeople work. They're as friendly as wagging tails. Let's see if we can catch a glimpse of them. look, it's Terry in another treat just for me. Alright, let's continue on; We'll meet Stacy. Both Stacy and Terry handle commercial print and packaging here at BP solutions group.

Here we have Scott - the maestro who ensures everything runs smoothly and harmoniously.

And last but not least, my favorite human Grandpa - he's not just my human he also happens to own the place.

BP Solutions Group (BPSG) was founded in 1925 and is a leading Marketing Solutions Provider (MSP) in Western North Carolina. Family-owned for 98 years, BPSG provides its clients with print, packaging, labels, mail, and fulfillment services, committed to bringing value, integrity, and quality to every project it works on.

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