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4 Ways Print Can Support Your Hotel's Marketing Efforts

4 Ways Print Can Support Your Hotel's Marketing Efforts

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Marketing a resort these days is a complex art. There are your social media platforms to consider, your website to keep updated, and traditional outreach to the broader community to conduct, whether on a local, regional, or national level – the list is long! Figuring out where your printed media falls into this new world can be tricky. This article will give you four ways print can successfully support your hotel’s marketing efforts.

#1: Print can bring your online presence into the real world

In this age of all things digital, creating an integrated marketing system that balances your digital efforts online and your physical marketing materials on location is key. Quality printed materials can communicate your message effectively and serve as tangible reminders of your online marketing efforts. Take it a step further by pairing your promotional efforts online with print technologies like QR codes and PURLS that offer seamless integration between these two worlds. 

#2: Strong printed products carry the look and feel of the property

Think of the points of contact your guests have with print. It’s the promotional brochures at the front desk, the key card holder they carry in their bag, and even the guest directory in their room. Your clients will likely hold onto these items throughout their stay. Wouldn’t it be nice if the items you chose to have printed truly communicated the same level of quality, service, and attention to detail that your property does? Choices such as design, layout, paper quality, and even specific colors can communicate your brand more effectively to every one of your guests.

#3: Print gives your marketing message “life after digital”

What do we mean by “life after digital”? Well, we all know how important it is to create valuable social content for our followers – and we know how long it takes to create quality content. So why use it one time on a post that gets a split second of someone’s attention? Take key imagery and high-performing messaging and place them on printed items. This will allow your message to stay with people much longer. Just think - that witty saying that was a hit on Twitter could be used on a pen or notepad that may travel to your guest’s home, where they continue to use it. That type of brand exposure is worth the investment.

#4: Print is personal

One of the biggest trends right now in marketing is personalization. We know that millennials are partial to items that include their name, cater to their specific interests, or are somewhat bespoke. So how can you translate that customer desire into a tangible result in your resort? Through the printing and packaging, you place in front of your guests. A direct mail campaign with variable content, personalized greeting or thank you cards, or even names written on packaging for bridal party gift bags – all of these have an impact. They make your guests feel unique and catered to.

So whether it’s maintaining your brand identity across platforms or adding longevity to your marketing efforts, print can play an important role when executed thoughtfully. In this age of digital marketing, print can help you bridge the online and real-world to better serve your guests through curating memorable moments in their lives.