At BP Solutions Group, we are pleased to be part of a worldwide effort to sustain and protect the environment, especially our planet’s valuable forests.

We strive to create solutions that benefit our clients and the world around us.

We are chain of custody (CoC) certified by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship Council® standard. This type of certification ensures that products made from trees pass from a certified, well-managed forest to a certified paper manufacturer, merchant and printer.

The FSC® label proves to consumers that the forestry practices employed to produce the product are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable.

BP Solutions Group and the Rainforest Alliance is committed to conserving biodiversity by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Sustainability FSC

About The Forest Stewardship Council®

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an independent, not for profit, non-government organization established to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world‘s forests.
The Forest Stewardship Council® vision is where the world’s forests meet the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.
The FSC® trademarks are the primary communication tool for FSC® certificate holders to demonstrate that their products meet the standards set by FSC®. Therefore it is essential that they are used correctly, do not misguide customers and the public about certification claims and are not associated with quality aspects beyond those covered by FSC® certification. To learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council®, visit

Sustainability Rainforest Alliance

About The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit conservation organization that certifies forestry operations, ensuring that they meet rigorous standards for the conservation of natural resources and the rights and welfare of workers and local communities. The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.
The Rainforest Alliance pioneered the concept of responsible forestry certification in 1989 and has since certified to Forest Stewardship Council® standards more than 51 million hectares (126 million acres) in over 65 countries around the world.
Paper from Forest Stewardship Council® / Rainforest Alliance Certified forests is responsibly harvested to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment. Forest operations meet comprehensive standards that protect the environment and the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit